Business Coaching for Creatives
  • Simple Scaling for Conscious Creatives

    We serve conscious creatives with simple, cash flow systems, team building tools & co-creative approaches that expand your creative capacity and impact in the world.
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    A lot of the sleepless nights can be avoided with simple systems. Stress and anxiety can be reduced as you grow your team. Work can be joyful and deeply fulfilling as you find your purpose.  What if each person you add to your team, multiplies your creative capacity & impact in the world seven-fold?

  • Financial Empowerment

    Financial cash flow systems can be simple and powerful. They act as a foundation for your business that allows your creativity to flourish. We provide the clarity and transparency that allows for more peace of mind. Our philosophy is to keep things simple, quick and intuitive so you can see everything you need to manage your business in a click of a button. Giving your intentions, desires and dreams the practical consideration necessary to manifest them in the world.

    Ultimately, so you can run your business, instead of your business running you.

Problems are 3-headed monsters

All problems stem from a lack of flow between your energy, time and space and must be addressed through these Core 3 elements.  Whether its maintaining your creative flow, hiring, attracting new clients, or impacting the world, if you're out of balance on any of these your results will remain limited.

Now you can
try a simple cash flow system

Without being overly complicated, needing a CPA, PhD or reach enlightenment, you can keep it simple and choose structures that don't stifle creativity, confound intuition, or pull you away from the creative work with another thing to do.

Implementing the Core 3 for your Business

Profit First Cash Flow Systems

Profit First cash flow systems simplify accounting and reporting so you can maintain awareness in real time, quickly and effectively.

Management Dashboards

We collect the key indicators in your business, so you can manage complexity without making it complicated.

Higher Alignment Tools

Whether its building cohesive teams, unlocking your own creative potential or healing defensiveness, "know thyself" beyond an amorphous generality to unique specificity where your natural qualities can be embraced as you see what you already knew about yourself but didn't have name for them or had to hide parts that were different because they weren't accepted at first. 

Building a brighter tomorrow—today

We compliment your strengths

Everyone has their strengths. Adding a little from the opposite brings a greater congruence, balance,  Emotional passion, rational know-how. Two strengths sandwiching a weakness keeps you in your comfort zone while growing into new territory. Your strengths become even more potent as you learn to not have to rely on them. The universe rewards you as you come out of stuckness. Like always keeping one eye closed you start to see depth.  

Seeing you as you are

We all have baggage from the past. But if we get seen as we truly are, not only is profound healing possible. but an alchemy can open creativity between us impossible by ourselves. and stretches our potential in new ways, new levels, sometimes opening possibilities beyond what we ever thought was possible. Most impactful presence sees us in our specific uniqueness rather than a generic acceptance.

Embracing your wholeness/wisdom

Trusting the wisdom within. As we embrace all parts of ourselves. Shadow and Light. Emotions and Thinking. Body knowing and book learning. Deeper truth is unveiled. Balanced non-reactive that can skip over the irrelevant distractions, can respond in the moment, and not be weighted down by beliefs or get exhausted trying to prove yourself.

Co creativity, collaboration on steroids

We meet you where you are at, from where we are at. Neither know-it-all experts nor passive observers. We work together with you to find solutions neither of us could come up with on our own. Curiosity, playfulness, and spaciousness allow for solutions to emerge rather than be handed down from the savior expert. Work in progress and continual process rather than static know-it-all, proving an expertise, better than thou. Make you feel small. Treat you like a thing.


You have all you need to know already within you. Our coaching can help you broaden your strengths, build your capacity, balance your practical know-how and benefit from getting in touch with your body wisdom and intuition.


You don't have to do it alone anymore. Collaboration, peer-to-peer mutual aid, and _ helps create a sea change of support helps build momentum for change and transformation.


Goal setting and follow up can help generate follow through to build small incremental changes into big long term shifts in your personal and professional life.


We handle the bookkeeping through Profit First cash flow systems that provide data to help you manage your business. Transparency and feedback loops see if what you are doing is working.

Our Mission:

To serve clients with financial services while providing innovative training and practices